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  1. H

    URGENT. How to ask Prom in Japanese?

    Hi! So there is a foreign exchange student from Tokyo that I’ve gotten really close with over the school year. She is leaving soon but I think she would have an amazing experience going to an american prom. Does anyone know like a Japanese pun I could write down? Also this is how google...
  2. thomas

    Butohkan performances in Kyoto

    Are any of our members residing in or visiting Kyoto? We were offered two tickets for a performance at the Butohkan, a theatre space devoted to Butoh. Butoh (舞踏 Butō) is a form of Japanese dance theatre that encompasses a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance...
  3. ShinobiE

    Wanted 【Looking for new friends who dance as Japanese Ninja in Japan !】

    I have formed a music performance team " The Galaxia Ninja" with Japanese comedians.When we usually are performing a live, and produce PV, Always my Japanese friends that like a ninja, liven up or are dancing in the back. But I am looking for a lot more of the Ninja fellow. If you're interested...
  4. Denisa

    ballet/contemporary dance school,faculty or company

    I'm looking for ballet or contemporary place in japan to study and learn...any ideas? Now I don't know to speak japanese and my eng is not in the best shape but Im thinking for future...
  5. Dance in China

    Dance in China

    Dance in China
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