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  1. collien

    Skiing, Historical & Culture to do list in Japan

    Hi guys! I'm Collien from Indonesia and living in HK right now. Since i really like Japan for (food, history & culture) and i never touch snow in my life, i'm willing to travel to Japan to skiing/snowboarding this winter. I wonder what is the best date to come and which area should i stay. I'm...
  2. H

    Can a Boy Be Named Tsubaki?

    I was wondering, since (as far as I know) Tsubaki is generally a feminine first name in Japan, would it be weird or embarrassing for a guy to be named Tsubaki? How lenient or non-lenient is Japan on the connection between gender and names? Thanks!
  3. Secret4Now

    Understanding Nihonjin

    Hello. I am recently back from a two-week home-stay program in Chichibu, Saitama. It is difficult to explain my experience to other Americans. I am not sure I understand it myself. I hope, perhaps native Nihonjin or others more experienced that I can help. It was glorious. In Chichibu, I felt...
  4. The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture

    Culture The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture

    The Japanese Mind is a collection of twenty-eight essays written by seniors from Ehime University’s English department, each discussing an aspect of Japanese culture that exemplifies the Japanese mindset. The editors state that the essays are primarily aimed at students of Japanese studies and...
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