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  1. vickyamin

    Question Are Temples & Mythical Creatures Considered as Sensitive Topics to be Adapted to Fictional Works?

    Hello all, nice to meet you! I’m a writer from Indonesia, and currently working on a fiction about Japan and its culture. The story revolves around the four mythical creatures in Japanese belief (Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu), and will see the protagonist human characters exploring around...
  2. M

    Wanted Looking for a Japanese immigrant who lives in the U.S. to answer some interview questions

    Hello. I have a cultural interview project for my Food and Culture class, and I chose to study Japanese culture over the semester as it is the culture that interests me the most. I am to compare/contrast my culture with someone from Japan. I do not know anyone personally from Japan, which is why...
  3. L

    What Japanese text or poetry can I learn that would be profitable for learning Japanese language ?

    Hi. I am looking for a text to learn by heart in order to learn Japanese (with the help of the translation). I love learning texts and I really want to see where it can take me. So what I need is : a text that is long enough (or a set of shorter texts). Very short texts (Haiku for example)...
  4. Why Exploring Tokyo Is A Great Way To Start.

    Why Exploring Tokyo Is A Great Way To Start.

    Ever since I was 10 years old I decided that I wanted to go to Japan one day. Japan was the mysterious country with the great temples, unknown language and beautiful kimonos which I knew through their music. I started out with Visual Kei and gradually shifted my attention towards other music...
  5. No.R.in.JPN

    Is Japanese etiquette the same on Social Media?

    Essentially I heard that foreigners can easily be politely isolated from Japanese society. If they aren't willing to fit in for the most part. Not only that, but it is rare for a Japanese person. To ever tell you when you are doing something wrong. Just wondering does the same rules apply to...
  6. Janie.d

    Radio Ramen Podcast

    If you're into garage punk, rockabilly, post rock, jazz fusion and blues there is a great bilingual podcast which kicked off 2 weeks ago called radioramen.com. First interview was so cool with Baitones and am crazily into Vivarta (ep 2). I have heard Pistol Jazz is going to on soon....reckon...
  7. T

    Website about Japan - Provides Lessons too

    Recommending a site that I follow for traveling and learning Japanese culture and everything you need to know about Japan! Goin’ Japanesque! | One-stop guide to everything about Japan They now also offer online Japanese lessons that come with a discussion forum! Sharing with those who are...
  8. Thom Blair

    What type of work suit is this?

    Hi! I'm playing a video game that features Japanese workers, perhaps construction workers. However, they are wearing what look like suits for handling hazardous materials, which would be odd in the context of this game. So, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if these are common Japanese...
  9. Cozyiwasaki

    We are Japan Promotion Association Introducing Japanese Culture to the World!!

    Several years ago, individual volunteers have often gathered to discuss how Japanese own culture should proudly be shared with the world, and planning its presentation should comprise “the columns” of a new national strategy. However, despite the fact that communication to those overseas is...
  10. Julia KaNeko

    Hello! I'm Lady Julia KaNeko, and I'm new here!

    I haven't been on a forum site in years... -AHEM- Hello, everyone! I am Lady Julia KaNeko and today is my first day on here! I am 24 this year, in the U.S. and have high hopes to go to Japan someday once I'm finished with college and get my Bachelor's Degree. I have interests in learning more...
  11. T

    Interested in volunteering in Japan (long term)

    Hi guys , I'm very interested in returning to Japan (visited in 2011 for 3 months , as a tourist and volunteer) . This time I'd like to stay longer and learn the language. Does anyone know of any programmes where you can volunteer in return for food and accommodation? cheers!
  12. poweredbytko

    Locally curated culture and lifestyle guide for Tokyo

    Hello everyone, We have just launched a new web platform for a more local Tokyo experience. poweredby.tokyo is a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyoite. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document and communicate Tokyo's unique urban culture...
  13. B

    A month in Japan ♥

    Hi guys!! I am Anna and 15 years old. I will be going to Japan for 1 month this summer and I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I am going to talk about my experiences and the life in Japan. I am trying to get started and to even get people to see my videos. I really hate when somebody is...
  14. Tatami - japanese dictionary

    Tatami - japanese dictionary

    Tatami Dictionary is a Japanese – Japanese, Japanese – English Dictionary, which still functions normally in OFFLINE mode! Tatami Dictionary consists of over 100,000 words clearly illustrated by plentiful useful examples images as well as audio pronunciation, etc.,. Tatami Dictionary...
  15. M

    Question about a name: "Eniko". Please give your opinion.

    Hi. I am considering giving my daughter the Hungarian name "Eniko" as a middle name, as I have Hungarian heritage. Here's the background on this name: Enikő - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A friend of mine said: "that sounds Japanese!". I have lived in Japan and am a big fan of Japanese...
  16. K

    Need help with my project!

    Hello everyone! I am Kate from Russia and I am doing project at school about cartoons around the world. Can you answer the following question: which Japanese cartoon character can represent Japan at a conference to tell about traditions and every day life in this country? Thank you for your help!
  17. jborchardt

    Japanese Journey - Blog

    I will move to Japan with my Japanese then wife in July. That's why I started a blog named Japanese Journey in Januar. You can take a look at it here. I use this blog for two purposes: Keep me on track while learning Japanese. Every week I challenge myself to make a certain progress, like...
  18. Charbel

    why are so many Chinese people visiting Tokyo?

    I made a project while living in Tokyo, about the recent influx of Chinese tourists to Tokyo. A small team of us went out and conducted street interviews, we got some very interesting answers. If this interests you have a look at the video, and I'd love to know what people think. Thanks!!!
  19. Charbel

    New to the site

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I think it's great that there's a place like this to share experience thoughts and opinions.
  20. G

    Interview questions about Japanese cultures

    Hello I was if any one can help me with my psychology project. I am supposed to interview Japanese/ Japanese-Americans people. It's 20 questions and there about, family and Kinship, Economy, Education, Power Politics, Government, religion, and Health Care. If anyone is interested in helping me...
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