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  1. heiza

    Question I love the look of Japanese PC-9800 games. I've been interested in making a game or pixel art using an emulator, but don't know how.

    Hello all, I'm new here. I was slated to go on a tour to Japan in the summer, but due to recent events, that has been pushed to next summer. Mom and dad feel extremely guilty about not being able to provide me with a graduation gift but I've told them several times I can wait lol. I first...
  2. DeLorges

    Hello, Hallo, こんいちわ!

    Hello Sweeties! So yeah, I just registered on these forums but I've been reading a bit here and there for the last past days. I am currently undertaking the not so small task of learning Japanese! I wouldn't even be able to say why exactly. Part of the reason is, that I wanna keep using my...
  3. Cool Japan Guide

    Culture Cool Japan Guide

    Cute. That’s the word for this book. Upon opening it, I quickly realised I was not a member of the target audience. Not because it’s cute (I like cute stuff), but because I have experience traveling, experience in Japan, and I don’t have rose-coloured glasses when viewing Japan. On top of...
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