1. Helen~

    Easy Japanese recipes?

    (not 100% whether this is the right place for this post bc all the other posts seem so serious) I'm currently in Tokyo as an exchange student (for one year). I arrived one week ago and I'd say I've overcome the initial culture shock for the biggest part & am slowly getting used to living here...
  2. AdrianLe

    Frozen dried Matsutake ...

    Hello, I have a packet of chinese Frozen dried Matsutake and I'm not sure how I can use it, should I soak them in water and then what to do ? Soup, stir-fry, or a kind of risotto I don't know ? Any help any Idea ? Thank you thank you
  3. Furu

    Services Japanese Cooking Class in Washoku Club

    Washoku Club (Japanese Cuisine Club) is holding a cooking class every month for foreigners where you can learn genuine Japanese food. Our lessons help Japanese food lovers from around the world know more about Japanese cuisine, including basic knowledge, cooking techniques, and visual...
  4. Y

    Please help, need to understand this instruction. ^_^

    hi! Im baking a cookie from a japanese cookbook. Ive done and understood most of the steps. Except this one. So in the recipe, it tells me to add eggs to butter and whisk. The next step says 九分くらいなじんだところでストップ. Ive done google and other translate and it comes up with something along of 'Stop...