1. Kaigai Manga Festa And Comic Art Tokyo 2017

    Kaigai Manga Festa And Comic Art Tokyo 2017

    I got back last week after participating in both late November events, that are all about comics. This week was Tokyo Comicon, which is ironically, not about comics at all. It's about cosplay, celebrity signing, and Steve Wozniak was the featured guest, so I wasn't going to go out of my way...
  2. Getting Ready For Tokyo

    Getting Ready For Tokyo

    This Thursday, Nov. 23, is the Kaigai Manga Festa, and Nov. 25 is Comic Art Tokyo. Both events are big draws for foreign comic makers in Japan. Not to say otaku, but people who like comics as comics. I've prepared a few books, and will be hocking some of my older stuff. I'll post a follow up...
  3. KijntheRelar

    Animation or Illustration in Japan?

    I am currently a second year student at a film school in America learning to be an animator and comic book illustrator. I'm not entirely sure what my avenue for my career after school will be but I do know I am 100% dedicated to some form of hand drawn animation, though more less digitally...
  4. Dharma delight

    Culture Dharma delight

    Buddhism and Zen are the subjects of Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat’s colourful new book, Dharma Delight. I’m a lover of Zen (and Buddhism to an extent), and I’m a practicing artist, so really is up my alley. JREF thought I would feel comfortable reviewing it. I was apprehensive upon flipping...
  5. Roger Dahl's Comic Japan

    Culture Roger Dahl's Comic Japan

    Roger Dahl's Comic Japan: Best of Zero Gravity Cartoons from The Japan Times-The Lighter Side of Tokyo Life is a collection of humour strips by Roger Dahl that originally appeared in the Japan Times. As such, it reads much like other collections of newspaper strips that most should be familiar...