Is there a Creative Writing degree equivalent in Japan?

    Now in days in USA. You can get everything from a certificate, AA, BA, and MA in Creative Writing. Does Japan have a Japanese equivalent. From any of their major universities within their country? I would assume it isn't Japanese Studies because that is more similar to English Studies.
  2. Takichan

    Best ways to study in Japan?

    First and foremost I have lived in Japan for two years (not Japanese and a nonschool related stay) and am studying for N1 on the JLPT which I intend taking in December of this year here in the states, so I am not too worried about a language gap. I intend on living in Japan. I am 20 years old...
  3. H

    Question about Japanese grading system

    I want to ask about Japanese grading system. The college I am attending use the following system: A+ (4.3), A (4.0), B(3.0), C(2.0), and D(0). I got A in a course which I think is good enough but it might also be good to know the correspondence between these level scores to the percentage...
  4. D

    Undergraduate Design Universities in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an undergraduate design degree in Australia (I'm just a first year), but I would like to go to Japan for undergraduate design instead. I'm ok with either transferring or reapplying all over again. However, my Japanese is honestly poor, at around JLPT N5. Given...