1. ThatGamerGuy

    Long-term visa without job/student qualifiers? (business visa??)

    What is the easiest way to get a long-term visa without job/student qualifiers? TL;DR: - I want to live in Japan and want to start a small business, but not sure if it will ever bring a profit, or how long it will take to become profitable. I'm also not sure if proving you can make a profit is...
  2. Nihon Scope

    COE over 30 Years Old

    I've applied for FFLC in Fukuoka through Go Go Nihon, and I've read that Japanese immigration seems to look down on people who want to go to school when their over 30 years old. Would this cause any issues you think with getting my COE approved? I'll be going to Japan in April with my wife who...
  3. A7md

    Immigration Bureau (Certificate of Eligibility)

    Hi guys, I just stumbled upon this forum, and it kinda looks promising ^_^ I had a question regarding applying to Japanese Language schools. I've applied to multiple ones not knowing if I would get accepted or not. Luckily enough I got accepted to all of them and they said they would submit...