1. Eijiro

    Finding the right name and translation for these coats!

    Hello everyone, I've been browsing through the internet and came across a few coats that were used back in Edo/Meiji era. I'm not sure if it's still being made today but these majestic coats caught my heart. Winding up in a dead end. Websites refer to them as Dochugi, Dotyugi, or Michiyuki...
  2. H

    Looking for low-to-mid price level clothing store around Tokyo

    As winter is coming I need to have proper winter gears ready now such as jacket and down. There is already one, UNIQLO, in mind but I want more options as UNIQLO's fashion is rather plain. I would say my budget is 18.000 JPY. I know I can't expect to have decent designs within that range that's...
  3. Memor X

    What is the name of this thing that is worn over the Haori and Hakama?

    In Come See Me Tonight 2 the Miko in it wear this during the ceremony before one is chosen to be the Himemiko (Princess Shrine Maiden) now in contrast bellow is what they normally wear thought the game i know the white kimono is called a Haori and the red plated skirt/trousers is called a...
  4. J

    Need a Clothing Brand Translation

    Was watching the documentary, The Birth of Sake, and really liked the jacket this guy was wearing, but all I could get was this screenshot of the brand name:
  5. Ogata Shirt Festival

    Ogata Shirt Festival

    Once a year in Ogata, Kochi-ken, a shirt design contest is held for all-comers. On average around 1000 shirts are displayed on Ogata's main beach.