1. KoiKaze

    About the persecution of Christians in the Edo era

    Hello. I read here Once Banned, Christianity Withers in an Old Stronghold | Japan Forum there had been persecutions and killings of Christians in the Edo Japan. I would like proofs,material proofs, not just testimonies "yes we killed and crucified lots". Also proofs that there were up to 750 000...
  2. Hasekura Tsunenaga

    Biographies Hasekura Tsunenaga

    Hasekura Tsunenaga, also known as Hasekura Rokuemon Tsunenaga (支倉六右衛門常長, 1571-1622) led a Japanese embassy to Mexico City, Madrid, and Rome in the years from 1613 to 1620. He was the first official Japanese envoy to visit the American continent. In July 1611, an embassy under the Spanish...
  3. In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians

    History In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians

    John Dougill's In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians sets out to document Japan's Hidden Christians before they fade to extinction, and also to find within their story a greater understanding of the Japanese. He succeeds brilliantly with both goals. Those who are interested in Japanese...