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  1. thomas

    Travel News Chinese tourism to Japan hits record highs and changes attitudes

    Sino-Japanese relations seem to be improving: increasing numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Japan help overcome traditional rivalries and historical animosities. Nice one! ☺ Chinese tourism to Japan is booming, as mainland residents avoid protest-racked Hong Kong and restrictions limit...
  2. O

    Japanese Investors

    just wondering if investors in Japan are interested in Canada, Like the Chinese investors are?
  3. NShinkin

    Decomposition of the Chinese Characters. What is It?

    Different Chinese language teachers name decomposition of the Chinese characters in different ways. The synonymic names are: Structural analysis of the Chinese characters, Breakdown of the Chinese characters, etc. The essence of these terms is the same: analysis. The Chinese language is a very...
  4. NShinkin

    What Is the Easiest Method to Memorize Chinese Characters?

    Can you agree that the best way to memorize Chinese characters is learning Chinese character decomposition? Have a look, how Chinese character decomposition makes everything simple and understandable: Decomposition of the Chinese character 会 huì ‘can’ rén man 云 yún cloud 二 èr...
  5. Charbel

    why are so many Chinese people visiting Tokyo?

    I made a project while living in Tokyo, about the recent influx of Chinese tourists to Tokyo. A small team of us went out and conducted street interviews, we got some very interesting answers. If this interests you have a look at the video, and I'd love to know what people think. Thanks!!!
  6. Charbel

    New to the site

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I think it's great that there's a place like this to share experience thoughts and opinions.
  7. Trufas


    Hi there Someone know what this graffiti is? I dont know exactly what lenguage is.... i think is japonese.... Cam someone translate it please?
  8. Chinese Fast Food

    Chinese Fast Food

    chinese fast food
  9. Kanji: an introduction

    Language Kanji: an introduction

    Kanji (漢字, literally “characters from Han China”) are Chinese characters used in Japanese. Kanji are one of the four character sets used in the modern Japanese writing system (the other three being hiragana, katakana and rōmaji). This article focuses on the features that are unique to kanji...
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