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  1. kyusu

    Help with Stamps, Chops, Calligraphy, and Handwriting

    hi! i have an interest in ceramics and other art, and i would appreciate it if someone could help me identify characters as they come up. i don't know much Japanese. i know this stuff can be tricky to read, so for inspiration, i'll dump a non-exhaustive list of possible characters (including...
  2. Indiana Gardener

    In search of someone who can do sosho script calligraphy?

    A dear friend, who is a native speaker of nihongo, arranged a tanka for me some years ago. I've had it painted onto a large rock in my garden for a long time. I'd like to have it permanently engraved onto the rock. Before I do, I'd like to have it professionally written out in sosho script for...
  3. N

    Old scroll calligraphy translation

    Could you please translate the description of this calligraphy? That is the saying, the artist, (the printer, if you can) in Romaji. And a summary of the meaning in English.
  4. K

    Can someone translate this calligraphy attached?

    Anyone know what this old calligraphy says?
  5. L

    Translating a calligraphy scroll into English

    Hello all, I've just come into possession of this calligraphy scroll and would like to know what it means! Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lewis
  6. Circle, Triangle and Square

    Circle, Triangle and Square

    Sengai's most famous drawing, Circle, Triangle and Square.
  7. N

    Need translation of calligraphy on a scroll

    This scroll is a recent gift. I would like a translation for the main and side elements if possible.
  8. ddblue0

    Calligraphy / Shodou on the iPad Pro is surprisingly good!

    So I splurged and bought an iPad Pro w/Apple pencil a couple of weeks ago, and picked up a couple of drawing apps for fun. One is called Paper (free), and the other is called Procreate (about $6). Anyway, after doodling on it for awhile I decided to try the "oriental brush". It was a...
  9. N

    Historical Calligraphy

    Hi, I'm trying to complete some geneology work for my family, and I have a piece of WWII Era Provenance that came with a family heirloom sword. Unfortunately, I have no idea what any of the calligraphy means. Would anyone in the forum be willing or able to help me translate its meaning? Id be...
  10. E

    Legibility of calligraphic writing

    Can the average Japanese person read writing like this?:
  11. O

    Do you know calligraphy (書道) ?

    hi!!! im going to stay England for one month..next month(August) i want to study english and difference of culture. and i want them to know one of Japanese culture..'calligraphy'. Now PC spread rapidly .. i want many peole to know googness of handwriting. ...how do you feel...
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