1. Bexy Jones

    New and needing help.

    Hello, I'm new to this website today and I'm trying to get used to it.. I accidentally made 2 blogs (because I'm silly) and I want to know how to delete one? If anyone can help that would be great and also Hello!
  2. R

    Help How do you blog on here?

    I've already searched for info on how to start a blog, are there prerequisites? or am I just blind and/or stupid? also, what are the things that are more acceptable for blogs? For instance, I'd like to chronicle my learning Japanese, but I feel that that would be best in a blog and not in a forum.
  3. N

    Nana's Lawson

    Hello! Since I am currently living in Sapporo, Japan, I decided to share my experiences, stories and photo impressions through a blog. Please, feel free to pass by. If you have any question or comment, let me know. 39! ^ - ^ Nana's Lawson – Stories from the city by the mountain blue
  4. Nebulahime14

    Interest Survey for a Japanese Language and Culture Blog

    Hello! I'm currently planning an education blog covering various topics in Japanese Language and Culture, and I wanted to reach out to an established community for feedback regarding what everyone wants to see covered. I actually meant to post this a few days ago, and the reason why I didn't was...
  5. jborchardt

    Japanese Journey - Blog

    I will move to Japan with my Japanese then wife in July. That's why I started a blog named Japanese Journey in Januar. You can take a look at it here. I use this blog for two purposes: Keep me on track while learning Japanese. Every week I challenge myself to make a certain progress, like...
  6. gushers

    Hey from Poland/Japan!

    Im half japanese, half polish. You can read something about Japan on my blog: ghyodo I'll post many thing about Japan ;) peace