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  1. locksleyu

    New bilingual Ebook with classic Japanese fairy tales

    I just released a Ebook containing translations of some classic Japanese fairy tales by Mimei Ogawa, recognized as the father of modern Japanese fairy tales. In order to help those learning Japanese or wanting to study translation, I have provided parallel Japanese/English versions of all the...
  2. Janie.d

    Radio Ramen Podcast

    If you're into garage punk, rockabilly, post rock, jazz fusion and blues there is a great bilingual podcast which kicked off 2 weeks ago called radioramen.com. First interview was so cool with Baitones and am crazily into Vivarta (ep 2). I have heard Pistol Jazz is going to on soon....reckon...
  3. RegDunlap

    Are you raising bilingual/bicultural kids in Japan?

    Hi Everyone:! I'm starting a research project about bilingualism, specifically how bicultural families in Japan approach bilingualism and child raising. I've created a survey on Survey Monkey to collect the data. If you could, I'd like to ask you to participate by filling out the survey. It is...
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