1. sormazabal

    For Sale Bicycle bag for airplane transport

    ¥11,000 (negotiable) I have only used it once and my bicycle arrived perfectly to Japan. It has two zip pockets. On the big zip pocket it has three separate compartments for each of the wheels and the frame. It works for 26” 27,5” or 29” wheels. It weights 4 kg and the dimensions are: 80 x 120...
  2. H

    Help I lost my bike today

    Today I lost my bike when I parked it near Narimasu station in Saitama. I am not sure though whether a bad guy stole it or it was taken by the police due to violation of certain parking law. The only clue I have is the below information board attached at that parking space. I am sorry if my shot...
  3. H

    I'm looking for second-hand bike shop in Tokyo

    Does anybody know of any second hand bike shop around Tokyo? Given a second hand bike shop, is there a chance they will have a used e-bike?