1. sormazabal

    For Sale Bicycle bag for airplane transport

    ¥11,000 (negotiable) I have only used it once and my bicycle arrived perfectly to Japan. It has two zip pockets. On the big zip pocket it has three separate compartments for each of the wheels and the frame. It works for 26” 27,5” or 29” wheels. It weights 4 kg and the dimensions are: 80 x 120...
  2. Mike Cash

    Why Cyclists Scare Me

    This is video from the drive recorder on one of the 10 ton trucks from the company I work for. Can you count how many seconds it was from the time he was "safely" riding along the left edge of the road until he was thrown into the middle of the intersection and under the bumper of a truck? Can...
  3. I

    Bicycle Registration on Tourist Visa

    Hello all, Like the title stated, I wondering if its possible to register a new bicycle bought online with the police on a 90 day tourist visa. I am aware that you need the recipe of purchase, ID and the actual bike itself to register. However the only form of ID I have is my passport. I do...
  4. M

    can anyone help to translate?

    hi, I got this on my bike and I dont know what it means. can anyone help to translate? many thanks in advance Mojo