1. thomas

    Travel News Enjoy Onsen in Beppu

    The city of Beppu has launched an English-language website promoting hot springs tours to foreign visitors. Oita Prefecture has seen a 2.4-fold increase in foreign tourists between 2013 and 2017, but most of them are Asians travellers on package tours. Hoping to attract more individual visitors...
  2. thomas

    Travel News Spamusement Park Project

    Spa + amusement = spamusement. Marketing brilliance in full play. :D While the video is quite entertaining, it's still unclear if running hot water in rollercoasters and cablecars is technically feasible and safe. ‘Spamusement’ park in Beppu could become a reality thanks to viral video...
  3. Beppu Winter Panorama

    Beppu Winter Panorama

    View over Beppu, taken in December 2005.