1. S

    夜中 confusion

    I am starting the arduous journey of studying the japanese language and my first reference has ended up being 'Concerning the Sound of a Train Whistle in the Night'. A character says '夜中の汽笛くらい'. Furigana of 夜中 is given as よなか in the book but Tenjin dictionary example sentences all translate as...
  2. redneckjin

    Introductions and easy discussion hirigana/katakana only ください

    はじめまして。わたしはイアンです。あなたのなまえは。。。 I am just looking to have some introductions and easy discussion in hirigana/katakana only for now. I took Japanese in the past but it has been years since I used it. I am trying to relearn it. ありがとうございます。
  3. Shiro Reju

    Help Can someone help me with Japanese ? :)

    Hello everyone .. My name is Vojta , im from Czech Republic and i want to learn Japanese .. Its little bit hard for me.. it would be great if someone will help me with that .. Thanks a lot all :D :)
  4. Anton~

    Yo from DeviantAr-- I mean, Brazil!

    Yo, todo mundo! Sooooo to make the thread short, I've decided to join the forums here after lurking for a while and reading threads on the 日本語 - Learning Japanese. I started self teaching Japanese about two months ago and, since I learn much easier by talking to people and being able to ask...
  5. TuanNguyen

    Overview of Japan

    [ Please see below ]
  6. H

    At the dawn of learning Japanese

    This question may be too vague, but I will try to make my points clear. How hard is it to learn Japanese? What is the most difficult part of learning this language? For you non-native who already reached a sufficient level of Japanese to conduct daily conversation, how hard you effort was and...
  7. J

    Should i have a tutor as a beginner?

    Hi. I am interested in learning Japanese. I have travelled to Japan and learned some (very) basic words and sentences etc, and would be interested in continuing. I have studied Mandarin for about 5 years in my own time, and have a growing interest in learning Japanese too. However I know that...
  8. Magucchi

    Hello, マグッチ です, よろしくね!

    Let's see...since this is my first post, I figure a little self-introduction is in order :yawn::nailbiting::embarrased: Hello JRef Forum! はじめまして, Magucchi here! ;) I'm 28 from Canada and just started learning 日本語 this summer. This forum looks pretty active and a good resource for learning and...