1. H

    Wanted Looking for a female vocalist who can sing in Both English and Japanese.

    I'm new here, so if this thread is wrongly placed, forgive me. I'm looking for a female vocalist who can sing in both English and Japanese in natural pronunciation. Here's my songs↓ please take a listen. Liu Feyri | Free Listening on SoundCloud Our band is called "necomimi☆spacenoid". We made...
  2. Shimesaba

    Wanted Band members required (for Japanese Blues Rock'n'Roll band)

    こんにちは。 (If I'm putting this article in a wrong place, it will be very appreciated if you let me know.) This is Shimesaba(My nickname) who's 27 years old guy livin'in Ikebukuro. I came back to Japan from the UK after staying there for 2 years. I'm looking for band members as below. Now I've...