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  1. Autumn Brew 2019

    Autumn Brew 2019

    Sapporo Baisen, Suntory Kohaku-no-Kutsurogi ("ember-coloured relaxation"), Kirin Akiaji: autumn brews for 2019.
  2. thomas

    Travel News Cherry blossoms in autumn

    Climate change and global warming (if related) do have their bright side: visitors to Japan are now able to view cherry blossoms in autumn: Typhoons 'trick' Japan's cherry trees into blooming months early Extreme weather thought to have stripped trees of their leaves, which usually secrete...
  3. TSV

    Autumn colors video collection (5 in total)

    Hi everyone, I haven't post here since a long time and hope you still like videos of Japan! I have for you not one, but 5 Videos that I shot this year of some very nice Autumn colors spots, so here you are 1 .Happo-En Garden 2. Mitake Gorge 3. Mount Mitake 4. Kawaguchiko Maple Corridor...
  4. Momijigari: autumn leaves

    Culture Momijigari: autumn leaves

    Momijigari (紅葉狩) is the traditional Japanese pastime of viewing autumn foliage. Momijigari means “maple hunting”, from the Japanese word for maple or “red leaves”, 紅葉 (Momiji) and kari (狩り), “hunting”. Another common reading for momiji is “kōyō” (紅葉). Like cherry-blossom viewing (花見 hanami...