1. Mike Cash

    News Unqualified English Teacher Arrested

    Foreigners who complain about not being treated equally with their Japanese coworkers should be careful what they wish for. If you're a foreigner teaching English at a Japanese school despite not being qualified to do so, they call you an ALT. If you're a Japanese person teaching English at a...
  2. Mike Cash

    News ALT Arrested for Being Ignorant

    東京五輪招致ロゴを無断使用した疑い 米国籍の男を逮捕:朝日新聞デジタル A 53 year old American ALT working in Kumamoto has been arrested for selling items containing trademarked Olympic/Parlympic logos via his online shop. He actually only sold a grand total of FIVE items but it was enough to get him arrested. (I just watched his...