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    hello from Sapporo❢

    Hello! Nice to meet you :) I am Maryana. I just moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido, for an internship in architecture. I speak Japanese a bit (still learning). Coming to Japan has always been one of my dreams, I find its culture really unique and fascinating. If you have any suggestions for learning...
  2. Meiji-Mura Museum

    Travel Meiji-Mura Museum

    Meiji-Mura Museum (博物館明治村 Hakubutsukan Meiji-mura) is an open-air museum located in Inuyama City, north of Nagoya, overlooking picturesque Lake Iruka. It comprises sixty-seven buildings and structures dating mainly from the Meiji era (1868-1912): Western-inspired buildings such the main entrance...
  3. Josiah Conder

    Biographies Josiah Conder

    British architect, urban planner, and teacher Conder (1852-1920) was the leading foreign designer of public and private buildings in Meiji Japan. The progressive and eclectic appearance of Meiji Period Tōkyō is to a large extent attributed to his buildings, typically designed in red brick with...