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  1. kirbythebean

    Hu Tao (Genshin Impact) drawing I did

    I hope you all like this drawing, and I kinda struggled a bit with the color.. I'm not really used to using markers, so instead I use greyscale lol ^^' But yea, i kinda gave myself a challenge with this one. I'm not super happy with the results, but I'm just happy I finished it XD it took soooo...
  2. Haruto Uzumaki

    Japanese inspired music!

    It's about time I share some music I made with you guys :) also, I encourage any other producers to post their Japanese styled music here too! I call it: ファイナルファイト!! I don't know any better ways than Google Drive for sharing the high quality file, so I have yet to finish a fully Japanese...
  3. Haruto Uzumaki

    Question How to get an opportunity to produce (mainly anime) music in Japan?

    Hey guys, ハルト (Haruto) here. I couldn't find anything anywhere online about my question, probably because it's so specific. So I came here to ask: In Japan, what would it take to become an anime (j-pop) music producer (provided I've already acquired the necessary skills for j-pop production)...
  4. M

    I need the Kanjis

    Can someone send me please the Quote from 1:36 to 1:54 in Kanji. I would appreciate it. Video
  5. Mistyxp

    Any Anime, Japanese tv shows, manga, or books for level N5 and N4

    I want to practice my Japanese skill since I took them in high school but I forgot most of them. I've signed up for online classes, bought books, and watch anime regularly but I haven't been able to find shows that would be at my level so I can watch them without subtitles. If you can list a...
  6. Ki11z

    Need help to find this anime song

    On this twitter post at around 25 seconds into the video. Please and thank you.
  7. heiza

    Question I love the look of Japanese PC-9800 games. I've been interested in making a game or pixel art using an emulator, but don't know how.

    Hello all, I'm new here. I was slated to go on a tour to Japan in the summer, but due to recent events, that has been pushed to next summer. Mom and dad feel extremely guilty about not being able to provide me with a graduation gift but I've told them several times I can wait lol. I first...
  8. ShuviDoura

    Lelouch of The Resurrection

    Can someone please send the movie "Lelouch of The Resurrection" to me in the mail? In our country, this film did not go on sale in cinemas; (. I was waiting for the release of the film on the Internet, but alas, for 9 months, not a rumour. What is surprising, because the continuation of the...
  9. anjera

    help !! survey for nihongo class about anime !! :(

    Hellooo can i ask for help a , a favor could u answer this survey abt anime for me . i need it for my nihongo class and i need at least 30 respondents :(( it' for a project here's the link to it: https://forms.gle/rFw4Hojb1J8Ridg7A domou arigatou gozaimasu
  10. Seiko

    Japan anime studio fire: Man shouting ‘You die’ bursts in and sets blaze that kills 33

    https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2019-07-17/suspected-arson-in-japan-animation-studio-kills-1 Don't know if I should have put this under anime, but I think its good here.
  11. N

    Can't find Anime movie

    I have searched for it everywhere. I think it's from the early 2000's or late 90's. It's the story of a teenager or young adult who has the ability to turn into some sort of devil-looking, red, taller-human shaped hero/monster. His job is to deal with some horrible monsters around the city. I...
  12. ryloth

    Translation of a quote from animated movie

    I would like to paint the sentence "Time waits for no one" from the animated movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Toki o Kakeru Shōjo) on my Japanese sport car. Is there anyone so kind to show me the correct translation in kanji? Thank you in advance, Gianluca
  13. Jae H. Cho

    Manga Art Review

    I am a new artist trying to get in the habit of posting things. I have attached my website for people online to view my drawings. They are not professional nor good yet, but I would like criticism and feedback for ways to improve my art. I also have a self-made one-shot manga. Thank you and...
  14. T

    Translation of a phrase

    Ok, I speak English and very little Japanese but tried to translate the name of my work as the intended audience is Japanese as well as English. It's called "My Sakuga Project" - is "わたしの 作画 プロジェクト" this the best translation? Have I done it properly? I want it to be as accurate as possible...
  15. kura-blue88

    Japanese Movies, TV, Anime for Studying

    In order to boost listening comprehension, pick up new vocabulary, and the like, I've been trying to find Japanese movies and shows that I can watch and study, preferably with Japanese subtitles instead of English. Netflix is sometimes helpful in this regard, although Korean titles seem way more...
  16. RosalinaChan

    Create Your Own Kawaii Anime Character!

    On Rinmaru games, there are cute anime games where you can create your own characters! From chibi to scene makers, you'll have some fun making these kawaii people, am I right?
  17. Seiko

    Tanya Makes Anime Great Again (Anime)

    Ever since Trump started running for president there has been a lot of Anime Trump photos and videos created by fans. This one was so amazing and well put together I thought I would share it with everyone on here. Please share your opinion on this video Below is another video, I thought I...
  18. Nikitas

    Translation checking and suggestions for Japanese video clip intro.

    So guys I have this paragraph in English that I'm trying to get translated since I want to use it in my brother's video clip intro for a song. The song will be in Greek but the intro itself in Japanese. Now, I'm no expert in Japanese so I want to be SURE that what is said in the video is 100%...
  19. wispyman

    I made this Japanese lesson from Re: Zero with reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice

    This was my first attempt at making this style of video, yet I'm certain a few people out there could find this video lesson helpful. I understand not everyone is on board with learning Japanese from anime, but there is so much helpful vocabulary, kanji, and grammar that is useful for polite and...
  20. O

    Original sound track

    What is the name of the group that sang the original sound track for this anime: ? I just took a screenshot of the main character with my iMagik game
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