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  1. angusthegreat

    Theme of Tanijiro Kamado

    I finally have the theme of Tanijiro Kamado done. Demon Slayer won't be in Canada until 2021. I guess... I guess putting it in violin style is the only way I can express myself. wish it offers you a couple minutes of peace
  2. KijntheRelar

    Animation or Illustration in Japan?

    I am currently a second year student at a film school in America learning to be an animator and comic book illustrator. I'm not entirely sure what my avenue for my career after school will be but I do know I am 100% dedicated to some form of hand drawn animation, though more less digitally...
  3. Keys & Heel

    Keys & Heel - Naptime

    KEYS & HEEL collaborate with Japan-based animator on their debut single Naptime The official music video for "Naptime" by KEYS & HEEL directed by Motion Designer Santeri Piilonen. Video is a colorful journey through a dreamland. “Naptime was created during our first session together. The only...
  4. S

    Looking for university that offer master's course in animation

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for a MEXT scholarship so that I can study animation in Japan. As you may know, the application requires that I list some universities I wish to enroll in. The problem is that most of the schools I've seen only offer undergraduate programs, which...
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