1. mogosch

    What American or other foreign store would you like to see in Japan?

    Hello there, I work here in Tokyo and my boss gave me like some homework. he asked me, what foreign store might come to Japan? or what is an interesting foreign store? you know he wants some foreign tenants for his building here in Tokyo. What would you like to see in Japan more? Would be...
  2. S

    Lets get together?

    Hello, I prefer to go by sun and I am from america. Im looking to connect with other american individuals to get together and plan some travel. Maybe even learn japanese together? I have never been to japan but would love to go. If any one has any tips on traveling (i.e expenses, airlines...
  3. Mike Cash

    A WWII Anniversary Americans Would Rather Forget

    75th anniversary of the forced relocation of West Coast American citizens of Japanese ancestry to internment camps. The internment of Japanese-Americans |