1. K

    How soon do ALTs and Eikaiwas expect you to move?

    Do ALTs and Eikaiwas see a problem with hiring a foreigner that can't go to Japan until 3 months after getting a job offer? (Firms that sponsor Work Visas claim that Visas typically take 2 months to process. This will be followed by a legally required 1 month resignation notice period at my...
  2. ARThomas

    Japan ALT Research

    Dear All, I'm writing to you all to request for help and/or participation in my current research into the use of Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) in Japanese elementary schools. This research attempts to look into the level of training that ALTs partake in before teaching and how they are used...
  3. Mike Cash

    News ALT Arrested for Being Ignorant

    東京五輪招致ロゴを無断使用した疑い 米国籍の男を逮捕:朝日新聞デジタル A 53 year old American ALT working in Kumamoto has been arrested for selling items containing trademarked Olympic/Parlympic logos via his online shop. He actually only sold a grand total of FIVE items but it was enough to get him arrested. (I just watched his...