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  1. The Number System of the Ainu

    TYJ The Number System of the Ainu

    This page is based on Ainu language. Number Reading Meaning 0 ? - 1 sinep 1 obj. 2 tup 2 obj. 3 rep 3 obj. 4 inep 4 obj. 5 asiknep 5 obj. 6 iwanpe 6 obj. 7 arwanpe 7 obj. 8 tupesanpe 2 obj. to 10* obj. 9 sinepesanpe 1 obj. to 10* obj. 10 wanpe 10 obj. 11 sinep ikasma...
  2. Nebulahime14

    Interest Survey for a Japanese Language and Culture Blog

    Hello! I'm currently planning an education blog covering various topics in Japanese Language and Culture, and I wanted to reach out to an established community for feedback regarding what everyone wants to see covered. I actually meant to post this a few days ago, and the reason why I didn't was...
  3. Tokis-Phoenix

    Has Ainu culture influenced Japanese culture at all??

    As the title says, has Ainu culture influenced Japanese culture at all?? I was thinking about this the other day, and i so far i cannot think of anything in which Ainu culture has influenced Japanese culture- even traces of Ainu culture seem hard to find. In Australia with Australian...