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    grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix

    hi guys, i 'm tyki and i have a question but i couldn't find the grammar section can someone guide me or provide a link towards the grammar section . i need to post grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix(Not honorifics i dont wanna know bout -san -chan- etc) but i...
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    exact meaning of 気持ちのいい

    Hello everyone, I just stumbled across the sentence 気持ちのいい朝です in the anki deck I'm learning with and was wondering, what the meaning of the particle の in this context was. My dictionary says, 気持ち can either be a noun (meaning "feeling"), or an adverb (meaning "somewhat"). Is the 気持ち in this...
  3. Japanese Grammar - Part 6

    Language Japanese Grammar - Part 6

    Other independent words Adverbs Adverbs in Japanese are not as tightly integrated into the morphology as in many other languages. Indeed, adverbs are not an independent class of words, but rather a role played by other words. For example, every adjective in the continuative form can be used as...