1. B

    Verbal adjectives

    Hey! :) I'm new here so please forgive me if I do anything wrong. My question is about adjectives. Verbal adjectives. I'm using an app called "drops: learn Japanese" and in the section "emotions" there is a bunch of adjectives that aren't really い adjectives or な adjectives. I thought that...
  2. X

    Honoo no you ni atsuku!

    こんにちは みんなさん! I have a question concerning two sentences of a song. The song is called 紅蓮の弓矢 (guren no yumiya). Anime Lyrics dot Com - Guren no Yumiya - The Crimson Bow and Arrow - Shingeki no Kyojin; Attack on Titan - Anime Towards the end, we can hear: Wir sind der Jäger Honoo no you ni...
  3. submetal

    Stuck on i-adjectives !

    helloooo, i've dealt with the chapter concerning i-adjectives and i want to check the correctness of the sentenses i've made so please tell me: if there are mistakes in each options. What kind of mistake is it. How to fix these mistakes. some advice and suggestions. A)What is this color ...
  4. pacerier

    柔らか vs 柔らかい

    Regarding these adjectives: 柔らか vs 柔らかい 大きな vs 大きい まん丸な vs まん丸い 小さな vs 小さい おかしな vs おかしい I've read that the difference between the i-version and na-version is that the i-version tends to be used when the speaker describes something objectively whereas the na-version is used when the speaker...
  5. M

    Question regarding adjectives

    From my text book, it teaches me sentences like: 富士山は 高い 山です。 Then I heard a song whose lyric is like: 大きな 太鼓 ドンドン 小さな 太鼓 どんどんどん 。 Why does the 2nd sentence is not like "大きい 太鼓 ドンドン 小さい 太鼓 どんどんど? Thanks in advance.:embarrased:
  6. D

    Usages of 'ku' of 'i' adjective help

    Guys, I have a burning qns on these two usages of 'ku' form of 'i' adjectives. 1) これも恐ろしく強制的で胎児に他の選択はない。 2) バレしている嘘を平気でつき続ける奴が、たまらなく嫌 いだ。 For these two sentences, is the ku form the connective form or is it modifying the word after it?? From what I know, the connective form is 'kute' but...