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  1. Question Kanji typing site

    Hi こんにちは Im new here an 'd like to know where I find a good Kanji "keyboard" (or similar); Nowadays I use Lexilogos site, mainly for Hiragana and Katakana (excellent) but for Kanji its not very clear I occasionally also use Jisho for Kanji, but again not very accurate even with the drawing...
  2. Mike Cash

    Kanji Kentei

    I went and took the KK for the first time ever yesterday. I took level 5 and level 4. Level 5 is aimed at kids who have finished elementary school and level 5 is for kids who are in the second year of junior high. I was fully expecting to be the only adult taking the tests at those levels but it...
  3. Kanji: an introduction

    Language Kanji: an introduction

    Kanji (漢字, literally “characters from Han China”) are Chinese characters used in Japanese. Kanji are one of the four character sets used in the modern Japanese writing system (the other three being hiragana, katakana and rōmaji). This article focuses on the features that are unique to kanji...
  4. leonmarino

    The Kanji Appreciation Thread

    Hello all!! Today I started practising my Kanji again. I have finished the Japanese elementary school here in Holland many moons ago, but since then I've never really come to using it a lot and as a result, my Kanji proficiency has worsened considerably.. :oops: So I went to the JLPT Kanji...
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