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  1. JREF

    Can one be in love with a language? 2017-10-04

    Mar’yana Kovalchuk's entry in the JREF Essay Contest 2016
  2. JREF

    Ujicha 2017-10-04

    Matt Barber's ("IndieDevM") entry in the JREF Essay Contest 2016
  3. JREF

    What aspects of Japanese culture intrigue you the most? 2017-10-04

    Ryan Noble's winning entry in the JREF Contest 2016
  4. H

    Urgent MEXT Application Question: How should I hand in my diploma?

    Hello! I will hand in my high school diploma this Tuesday since I will have the interview also. My diploma is in Turkish so I got it translated to English and now I have a paper like: Front page: Notarized photocopy of my original diploma Back page: Notarized English translation. Would having...
  5. Sissada

    MEXT: Question; University recommendation and admission fee

    Question: I just got accepted to a university and was recommended for the MEXT scholarship. The university asked me to transfer nearly 300,000 yen for the admission fee to secure my position for the MEXT. Is this regular procedure? I've never of this regulation before. Wouldn't it be weird for a...
  6. Davey

    Jlpt 2016 July

    Since I failed passing the n2 last December, I'm going for it again this July. Who's going to take it, and how will you prepare for it? I'm searching for different methods to study. I am going to try to enjoy translating lyrics , watch more japanese tv/movies and as @Mike Cash told me I...
  7. C

    Study graphic design and visual art in Japan

    Hello I am very keen on studying graphic design and visual art in Japan. I am looking specifically for courses offered in English. I hail from India and my current qualification is a PGDM in Marketing. Additionally I have a work-ex in IT field. I want to study graphic design and visual art...
  8. thomas

    Japan Photos 2016

    Although one day shy, I would like to revive @WonkoTheSane 's photo thread for 2016 where our members can contribute Japan-related or not so Japan-related pictures they shoot throughout the year. I'd like to start with two shots I took this morning in a nearby park while walking the dog. I wish...
  9. Nengajō


    Japanese New year cards (年賀状 nengajō), usually preprinted, they offer a large variety of motives. Here a selection of cards for the Year of the Monkey 2016.
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