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Yatsuo Blend 2019

Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019) is a joint project by Tama Asahi and Fukutsuru breweries in Yao, Toyama Prefecture, to produce a sake blend to overcome the hardships caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Toyama (富山)
Rice type
Domestic rice (国産米)
Polishing rate (semaibuai)
Alcohol content
Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019)

This is the story of two breweries in Yao (八尾町, nowadays part of Toyama City), which had been bitter rivals ever since the Edo period: Tama-Asahi Brewery (玉旭酒造), founded in 1808, and Fukutsuru Brewery (福鶴酒造) founded in 1848. Yao is famous for its late summer festival called Owara Kaze no Bon (おわら風の盆). Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. The two breweries decided to bury the hatchet and release a blend of their sake in 2021. The 2021 blend, a Junmai and a Honjōzō Genshu was available only in Toyama Prefecture and sold out completely. The 2022 blend was intended to be distributed Japan-wide and crowd-funded. The breweries decided to release a 2019 blend, the year before the pandemic started, and a 2022 blend, representing the year the worst of the pandemic was over. Recently, there have been several cases where Japanese breweries began to blend their products, but this is one of the rare cases where three-year-old sake was made into a new, matured product. Fortunately, both Tama Asahi and Fukutsuru had enough 2019-old sake left in their breweries to blend. They blended the two sakes at a ratio of 1:1 but decided to keep the ingredients secret. They recommend first enjoying the '2022' set chilled and then savouring the '2019' set slowly. The box containing both blends displays the handprints of both brewmasters.

Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019) Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019) Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019) Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019) Yatsuo Blend 2019 (八尾ブレンド 2019)

Yatsuo Blend (八尾ブレンド) Yatsuo Blend (八尾ブレンド) Yatsuo Blend (八尾ブレンド) Yatsuo Blend (八尾ブレンド) Yatsuo Blend (八尾ブレンド)

Tamō Takashi from Tama Asahi Brewery, Fukushima Jun from Fukutsuru Brewery

Tamō Takashi from Tama Asahi Brewery, Fukushima Jun from Fukutsuru Brewery

Tama Asahi Brewery

Tama Asahi Brewery

Fukutsuru Brewery

Fukutsuru Brewery

About the brewery

Tama Asahi Shuzō - Fukutsuru Shuzō
Name in Japanese
玉旭酒造 - 福鶴酒造
Tama Asahi Shuzō: 2111 Yatsuomachi, Higashimachi, Toyama, 939-2354
Fukutsuru Shuzō: 2352 Yatsuomachi, Nishimachi, Toyama, 939-2355
076-455-1331 (Tama Asahi Shuzō)

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Colour / hue
This blend is unique: made of aged sake from 2019 provided by two breweries in the same town that had been fiercely competing since the days of the Edo period. The Yatsuo Blend was mixed at a 1:1 ratio and boasts a golden hue only found in mature sake. It is of a slightly oily and viscous texture; intensive flavour of dried fruits reminiscent of overripe figs and dried apricots, slightly tangy. The earthy taste is getting smoother at room temperature; herbal. Very interesting brew, a delight for those enjoying aged sake. I hope that both breweries will keep up their annual blending.

Yatsuo Blend 2019
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