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Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjo

Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjō is an unfiltered bottle-aged sake produced from locally grown Yamada Nishiki rice.

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Sake specs

Tochigi (栃木)
Rice type
Yamada Nishiki (山田錦)
Polishing rate (semaibuai)
Alcohol content
Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjō (仙禽一聲純米大吟醸) is unfiltered bottle-aged sake (muroka) produced from locally grown Yamada Nishiki rice. Product description: According to the brewery's managing director, Senkin Issei (仙禽 一聲) is a very limited item 100% made of Yamada Nishiki from the "Domaine Sakura", locally grown. It is planted on the same groundwater used in the sake production, with minor changes to improve the water quality. The brewery describes this sake as a "pinnacle of elegance" (エレガントの頂点) with its dignity based on fruit and umami and a gorgeous scent of "fruity abundance", honey and ginko: "It's like a fruit perfume. When it touches your palate, an elegant sweetness unfurls. It's like a powerful, energetic woman. Modest acidity and the multi-layered sweetness express elegance and a well-balanced texture" (from the website).

Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjō (仙禽一聲純米大吟醸) Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjō (仙禽一聲純米大吟醸)

Senkin Brewery (株式会社 せんきん)

About the brewery

Senkin Brewery
Name in Japanese
株式会社 せんきん
106 Baba, Sakura-shi, Tochigi Prefecture, 329-1321 Japan
Senkin Brewery is based in Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture and was founded in 1806. It is now run by brothers Usui Kazuki and Masato in the 11th generation, who work as brewers and tōji. Senkin prides itself on using only rice grown within five minutes of its brewery (Yamada Nishiki, Ōmachi, Kame-no-o) and therefore employ the concept of "domaine" for their sake. Senkin's products have been described as fruitier and lighter than other sake. Senkin produces its sake in small batches: genshu (undiluted sake), muroka (unfiltered), and namazake (unpasteurised).

Latest reviews

Elegant and classy
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
We had the 2018 version of Senkei Issei, and I regret that this was one of the first sake I have tried to review. While I doubt that my opinion about this divine elixir would change, it definitely deserves a second tasting.

Served chilled, it has the elegant nose of a fruit basket: melon, apple, and perhaps a hint of peach. Smooth, clean and fresh. Can definitely be paired with Western dishes. The brewery classifies the Issei as the entry-level of their premium sake and recommends using Bordeaux wine glasses.

It was the sake above, Senkin Rishun Asashibori Heisei Sanjunen, that triggered my renewed interest in sake. @Maciamo and I had been hiking that day and dropped into a tiny sushi bar in Odawara where they served said nihonshu. The label says seishu, but I believe it was a namazake reminiscent of sweet dessert wine. We were both utterly astonished and could barely believe our palates.
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〒329-1321 栃木県さくら市馬場106

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