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Ninki Ichi Sparkling

Ninki Ichi Sparkling is a bubbly junmai ginjō that is bottle-fermented, not carbonated. It has a natural sweetness and acidity as well as a lingering aftertaste.
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
Very cloudy
Te Ninki-Ichi Natural Sparkling is an awasake according to the definition of the Japan Awasake Association: it uses Japanese rice, the only ingredients are rice, water and koji, and it is the result of natural fermentation (bottle or vat). It is transparent and clear when served. In the case of the Ninki Ichi, re-fermentation occurs in the bottle: it is therefore slightly cloudy, fizzy, and very refreshing. It is crisp and has a light and fresh nose of apple and pineapple, and a full, fruity mouthfeel with fine bubbles and an overtone of yoghurt. Perfect as a digestif or with dessert.
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