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Makkō Junmai Ginjō Namagenshu

Makkō Junmai Ginjō Namagenshu is fruity and juicy, like biting into a whole apple. The rice has a unique flavour, creating a soft, floral aroma and a lingering aftertaste typical of Fushimi sake.
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
This was the second sake we got from a Campfire crowdfunding campaign we had recently participated in, and it was as magnificent as the first one. The Makkō Junmai Ginjō Namagenshu is the delicious result of a communal sake project that used rice planted in the Fushimi Ward of Kyoto and the excellent craftsmanship of Saitō Brewery (also located in Fushimi). It boasts a pleasantly fruity nose of green apples. Truth be told, it has a very little effervescence for a namazake and a sweet aroma with notes of fungi so characteristic of an unpasteurised sake. Well-rounded mouthfeel, with a distinctively rich and deep umami taste, a slight acidity, and a mild finish.

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