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Kubota Sagaminada Shiboritate Muroka Namazake

Kubota Sagaminada Shiboritate is a Tokubetsu Honjōzō made of Miyamanishiki rice from Nagano milled to 60%. Shiboritate is the freshest sake of the year, usually pressed during the cold months from November to March.
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
I cannot commend Sagaminada enough for this year's Shiboritate! Shiboritate is the fresh sake of the year, squeezed until the end of November and usually on sale by the beginning of December. Sagaminada's Shiboritate has a sweet fruity nose of strawberries with almost white Chablis-like qualities. It is well-balanced and has a refreshing acidity and dryness with a spicy tingle. Just beneath its marvellous flavour of strawberries, also present is Sagaminada's characteristic herb taste and a slight effervescence. To us on par with their Yamadanishiki Junmai Ginjo--splendid!

Sagaminada Shiboritate
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