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Kakurei Tokubetsu Junmai Yamadanishiki 55% Namagenshu

Kakurei Tokubetsu Junmai Yamadanishiki 55% Namagenshu is a limited edition of Kakurei, a famous sake from Shiozawa in snow country with a history of over 300 years and a traditional flavour nurtured in the harsh winters of Uonuma.
The Yokozuna of Eastern Junmai
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
Fruity aromas with floral and lactic undertones (reminiscent of custard and pudding) greet the senses. The entry is spicy and delicate, evolving into a fruity sweetness enveloping the palate. This sweetness is harmonized by pronounced acidity and bitterness. The finish is robust, marked by solid alcohol content. Overall, the sake is deep, rich, crisp, and earthy, with a refreshing touch from its subtle effervescence. Brilliant!

kakurei-tokubetsu-junmai-yamadanishiki-namagenshu-a.jpg kakurei-tokubetsu-junmai-yamadanishiki-namagenshu-b.jpg

Appearance: clear and lemon-green
Nose: clean and medium
Aroma: fruity, floral, lactic
Sweetness: off-dry
Acidity: medium+
Umami: medium
Alcohol: medium-high
Body: medium
Flavour intensity: medium+
Flavour characteristics: fruity and floral elements, firm, crisp, spicy
Texture: medium
Finish: short, crisp, sharp
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