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Imada Fukucho Tokubetsu Junmai Shiboritate

The Fukucho Tokubetsu Junmai Shiboritate is the first press of the year and directly bottled; it has the characteristics of namazake.
Fizzy shiboritate
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
While there's plenty of information available on Imada's junmai shiboritate, I wasn't able to find anything educating on their tokubetsu junmai shiboritate. I assume it's either a limited edition or it just came with an old label. We order a lot of our nihonshu through our local co-op (生協), and they always furnish us with sake gems we cannot find elsewhere.

This is one of their gems: a "freshly pressed" shiboritate, very nama: it has a refreshing nose of kōji and fungi and a very distinctive alcoholic flavour. Being the first press, it's mildly sparkling; tingles of kōji with a mild pungency. A sensational finish of fizzy spiciness: a very refreshing, stimulating, and elegant aftertaste.

All the wonderful fizziness had vanished on the second day of degustation.
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