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Gensaka Junmai Ginjo Kaze-no-Miya

The Gensaka Junmai Ginjō Kaze-no-Miya is made of Isehikari rice and has a clear, pale greenish colour, a sweet ginjō aroma of mango, and a gentle hint of jasmine.
Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
Gensaka's Kaze-no-Miya takes its name from Kaze-no-Miya Shrine, an auxiliary shrine in Ise-jingu's Gekū. Kaze-no-Miya is a deity of rain, wind, and, by extension, agriculture. Gensaka's junmai ginjō has a delightful and fruity nose with slightly spicy overtones. It has a mild and fruity sweetness, slight acidity and gentle umami that slowly emerges, transforming into a spicy bitterness on the palate. Well-balanced and mild. Worth a repeat.
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