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Fukucho Nansuijikomi Junmai Ginjo

Fukuchō Nansuijikomi Junmai Ginjō, made of domestic rice grown in Hiroshima Prefecture and milled to 60%, is a dry sake with a soft mouthfeel and a sharp finish.

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Colour / hue
Pale Yellow
I couldn't find any info on the Nansuijikomi Junmai Ginjo; either this was a limited brew or a unique lot for a restaurant or a restaurant chain. One thing's for sure: it was, unmistakably, a Fukucho, bearing all the telltale features of Imada Miho's craftswomanship: effervescent fruitiness, light body, and an exquisite balance of dryness and ginjoka. Very mild, smooth, and without pretence: Imada's elegant "table sake".

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