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Endo Keiryū Domuroku

Endo Keiryū Domuroku is a doburoku (濁酒) with a distinctly sweet (SMV -24) and slightly sour taste.
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Sake specs

Nagano (長野)
Rice type
Domestic rice (国産米)
Polishing rate (semaibuai)
Alcohol content
Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく)

Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく) is an extraordinary sake: while it looks like nigorizake ("cloudy sake"), it is, in fact, a doburoku (濁酒). Doburoku means "home-brewed sake". Bootlegging was outlawed in the Meiji period. Nowadays, doburoku refers to sake with a lower volume of alcohol and a brewing process in which all the main ingredients – steamed rice, kōji, and water – are added to the starter mash at once, not in batches, as is the case with regular sake. The yeast in the mash does not multiply as much as it would in typical batch brewing, resulting in an abundance of sugar that cannot be converted to alcohol. The sugar erases what is left of the yeast and halts the fermentation process. Therefore, doburoku is much sweeter than even nigorizake.

Keiryū's Domuroku continues to ferment in the bottle and boasts a unique cap with a valve to preserve its taste and quality and allow for gas emission. The bottle will not spill even if it is laid on its side, but if it is laid on its side for a long time in storage, it will not degas, and the sake will ooze out. The bottle should be stored in an upright position in the fridge and gently turned before opening to even out any settled mash before serving.

Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく) Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく) Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく) Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく) Endo Keiryū Domuroku (渓流 どむろく)

About the brewery

Endō Shuzōjō
Name in Japanese
29 Oaza Suzaka, Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture 382-0000
Located in Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, the brewery was founded in 1864 for the local Suzaka clan and began to supply sake to the clan's head. Since then, from the second to the fifth generation, we have inherited the intention of the first brewer, Endo Tokusaburo (遠藤徳三郎), to make delicious sake and continue to make sake to brew and nurture. Although our leading brand, "Yoro Masamune," has been awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, we could not take advantage of the sake boom in the 1970s, and as a small brewery, Endo struggled to keep their quality. In 1982, the sixth generation, Endo Shuzaburo (遠藤秀三郎), became the head of the brewery at the young age of 21. At this time, there were only three employees. While starting to improve existing products, the brewery launched one of its leading brands, "Keiryū", in 1988. New brands followed, including the still-popular Asashibori, Domuroku, Naotora and Comet.

In 1993, the brewery was awarded the "Nagano Prefecture Sake Competition Governor's Prize" (長野県清酒品評会県知事賞 Nagano-ken seishu hinpyō-kai kenchiji-shō). In 2004, Endo won its first gold medal in the "Monde Selection". In 2014, the brewery celebrated its 150th anniversary.

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Colour / hue
Very cloudy
According to Japanese tax regulations, doburoku is not sake but "other fermented alcohol". While both nigorizake and doburoku are cloudy, doburoku is unfiltered. It has a viscous, muddy, porridge-like texture and contains lees, and can therefore be described as bottled moromi. Doburoku has been used in Shinto thanksgiving rituals since ancient times. While home brewing is strictly prohibited in Japan, shrines and breweries can obtain special licenses to produce this cloudy white liquor. As it contains a lot of enzymes and amino acids, doburoku has drawn the interest of the beauty and health industry, having been featured on TV. Not surprisingly, the brew has a strong nose of moromi. It is effervescent, opaque and milky, with bits and pieces of lees floating in the bottle. It is quite sweet but has sour notes. It should be stored in an upright position and not shaken before consumption. Turn it carefully before opening it. Endo produces two more types of doburoku which we are looking forward to tasting.

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