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Endo Keiryū Domuroku Triple Domu

Endo Keiryū Domuroku Triple Domu is a thicker, more concentrated version of the basic domuroku. The moromi used is three times more concentrated, preserving its melting sweetness and fostering active bottle fermentation.
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The Endo Keiryū domuroku series comprises four different types of doburoku, the Triple Domu being the top of the line. Flavour-wise, it is not much different from the basic Domuroku and the Junmai Domuroku, but its moromi is three times more condensed than the basic domuroku, resulting in a bubbly porridge-like, highly viscous texture. Endo is one of the few breweries specialising in doburoku, and they already have twenty years of experience under their belt, with over 2.6 million bottles sold. It is based on a recipe handed down in the brewery since the Edo period. The brewery recommends drinking domuroku as an aperitif or digestif.

Endo Keiryū Domuroku Triple Domu (渓流 どむろく 3倍どむ) Endo Keiryū Domuroku Triple Domu (渓流 どむろく 3倍どむ)

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