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Travel Book Tokyo: 29 Walks in the World's Most Exciting City

A Tokyo travel guide that is exclusively a walking guide, depicting Tokyo's history, culture, architecture and spirit of the city and its

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We love this book to pieces. Literally. Ever since we have received "Tokyo: 29 Walks in the World's Most Exciting City" for review, visiting friends and family have used it extensively in their excursions in and around the city. Acclaimed the "definitive walking guide" to all of Tokyo's major sights and districts the guidebook does uphold its promises. Keep in mind though that it's a walking guide that will not assist you in finding accommodation or the nearest culinary attraction.

The book consists of six chapters, each representing a particular geographical region: central Tokyo, eastern and northern Tokyo, southern Tokyo, western Tokyo, Yokohama and its southern outskirts as well as other destination in the west, north and the east of the capital. Each chapter comprises several walks that can usually be accomplished within a day and contains the history and comprehensive explanations of local attractions - the modern as well the ancient ones. Each walk comes with a detailed colour map that will facilitate your navigating the megalopolis of Tokyo; they are literally step by step guides.

Here's an overview over the areas covered:

  • Walking Tour 1: Marunouchi, the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park
  • Walking Tour 2: Otemachi, Imperial Palace Gardens, and Yasukuni Shrine
  • Walking Tour 3: Nagatacho and Akasaka
  • Walking Tour 4: Tsukiji and Tsukishima
  • Walking Tour 5: Nihonbashi, Ginza, and Shinbashi
  • Walking Tour 6: Nihonbashi, Fukagawa, and Ningyocho
  • Walking Tour 7: Asakusabashi, Ryogoku, and Yanagibashi
  • Walking Tour 8: Asakusa, Kappabashi, and Minowa
  • Walking Tour 9: Ueno and Nezu
  • Walking Tour 10: Yushima, Kanda, Jimbocho, and Akihabara
  • Walking Tour 11: Ikebukuro
  • Walking Tour 12: Atago Hill, Tokyo Tower, and Shiba Park
  • Walking Tour 13: Roppongi and Azabu
  • Walking Tour 14: Daikanyama, Ebisu, and Meguro
  • Walking Tour 15: Shinagawa
  • Walking Tour 16: Odaiba
  • Walking Tour 17: Shinjuku
  • Walking Tour 18: Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama
  • Walking Tour 19: Shibuya
  • Walking Tour 20: Yokohama
  • Walking Tour 21: Yamate-cho
  • Walking Tour 22: Sankei-en Garden, Hassei-den Folk Museum
  • Walking Tour 23: Kamakura and Hase
  • Walking Tour 24: Katase and Enoshima Island
  • Walking Tour 25: Yokosuka
  • Walking Tour 26: Hakone region
  • Walking Tour 27: Mount Fuji
  • Walking Tour 28: Kawagoe
  • Walking Tour 29: Narita

While we said we love it to pieces, we'd like to stress that it did not actually fall into pieces: it's a rugged paperback, definitely on the heavy side, and it will not fit into your shirt pockets. It also includes a folded map of Tokyo which is really useful in case your smartphone has run out of battery or you have no access to WiFi.

We recommend the book not only to first-time visitors of Tokyo, but also to foreign residents who would get a fast overview over the main attractions in and around the capital.

An indispensable and invaluable guide!
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John H. Martin, Phyllis G. Martin
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