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Tatami - japanese dictionary

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Tatami Dictionary is a Japanese – Japanese, Japanese – English Dictionary, which still functions normally in OFFLINE mode!

Tatami Dictionary consists of over 100,000 words clearly illustrated by plentiful useful examples images as well as audio pronunciation, etc.,.

Tatami Dictionary differentiates from others by the thoroughly instruction on drawing Kanji by Radials. It is very helpful in memorizing not only Kanji but also Japanese words.

By the variety ways of searching, Tatami helps you to find needed word in no time.

Tatami is not simply a dictionary. It is a learning instrument that suggests the best suitable learning method for you.

Let’s experience above functions and more than that with Tatami dictionary

★ Suitable for Japanese learners of basic and intermediate level (from N5 – N3 JLPT)
★ All data are offline
★ Japan -> Japan , Japan -> English
★ Drawing Kanji by Radicals -> easily to memorize
★ Plentiful of example sentences
★ Illustrative images
★ Audio pronunciation
★ Spelling suggestions
★ Recording your favorite words
★ Easily find meaning of needed word without entering the precise word
★ Flexible search method (keyboard , handwriting , voice)
★ Overview of Japan.
★ Suggesting the best suitable learning ways by Big Five personality Test
★ Optimized for Android phone and tablet
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