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History Takeda Shingen The Kai Takeda

Takeda Shingen The Kai Takeda (1521-1548)

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Takeda Shingen is both the third book in the Saga of the Samurai series and the third installment in the history of the famous Takeda clan. In this book the saga of the Takeda continues with the introduction of the best known member of the Takeda Family, Takeda Shingen. Shingen's life was one of almost constant warfare, and his military campaigns have earned him renown among students of the Sengoku Period. Begining with his early years, continuing through his efforts to attain clan leadership in 1541, and following his military campaigns through 1548, where the battle of Uedahara is one of the highlights of Shingen's campaigns discussed in detail in this book. Readers will also come to learn more about the families living in Shinano province, and how they fought and tried to resist the Takeda. Later volumes in the Saga series will tell the story of families like the Suwa, Ogasawara, and Murakami. Appendices in Takeda Shingen include short biographies of personalities of note in Shingen's life, information on Shingen's military organization as of 1541, and information on clan flags. With ten painted colour plates, seven colour maps, several black and white illustrations, along with photographs taken on location by the author, the third Saga of the Samurai book, Takeda Shingen, is a must-read for anyone interested in Japanese history, Takeda Shingen, or samurai in general.

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