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History Takeda Rises To Power

The Kai Takeda (1130-1467)

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The Saga of the Samurai is a multi-volume series bringing to life the little-known histories of the key samurai families of importance during the Sengoku Jidai (1467-1615), a 150-year period of nearly constant strife within Japan. The first book explores the beginning, and early history of the Takeda family of Kai Province. In the West, this aristocratic clan is best known for it's charismatic and able leader Takeda Shingen, who lived during the sixteenth century. The general history of the Takeda clan, however, is little known outside of Japan. This first volume will describe the political and military struggle of the clan to maintain its influence, from the first Takeda to the beginning of the Onin War of 1467. This thrilling tale spans over 500 years of Japanese history from the Takeda clan's point of view. Readers will become acquainted with members of the Takeda clan who played decisive roles in the family's early history, and touch upon significant events that influenced their lives. With many black and white illustrations, photographs, and ten beautifully painted watercolour plates, The Saga of the Samurai: Takeda Rises to Power is a valuable resource for readers interested in Japanese military history, the Takeda, and of course, Japan itself.

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Terje Solum
Brookhurst Press
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