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History Takeda Nobutora: The Kai Takeda 1494-1574

Takeda Nobutora: The Kai Takeda 1494-1574 (Saga of the Samurai)

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Beginning where Takeda Rises to Power ends, Takeda Nobutora, the Unification of Kai, leads the reader into the Sengoku Jidai, one of the most turbulent periods of Japanese history. This 150-year period began with the Onin War, which lasted from 1467 to 1477. Families of all sizes battled during this time; usually until one of the families either surrendered or was destroyed. As this conflict grew in size its original causes were soon forgotten. During this time local lords and ji-samurai ruled as they saw fit and only the strongest families were able to maintain order in the territories under their control. The Takeda Family, like many other families, suffered during the turbulance of the Sengoku period. Takeda Nobutora focuses on the life of Takeda Nobutora (1494-1574). Father to Takeda Shimgen, Nobutora's life history is often overlooked in the shadow of his son's many accomplishments as a warlord. Without Nobutora's work laying both military and economic foundation for Shingen's massive military campaigns his son's successes might not have been as extensive as they were. The Sengoku period was a difficult time for Japan, and for a less-than charismatic leader like Nobutora it was made even more so. This volume will also discuss the difficulties Nobutora had as a leader in within his own lands and how his inability to relate better to his people made his governing the Takeda lands more difficult than it could have been. With eleven painted colour plates and several black and white illustrations and maps, Saga of the Samurai: Takeda Nobutora further brings to life the dramatic saga of the Takeda family and the rich history of Japan.

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