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SumiKen is an endless samurai game drawn in Japanese sumi-e painting style.
This game features fast paced samurai slashing action set in the beautiful landscape of Japan.
The game mechanic is an easy to learn, but difficult to master swipe system which require precise timing and swipe direction in order to land the perfect strike.
Activate character's Ink mode, a special skill that makes you stronger in battle by striking down enemies and cutting bamboos. Journeying through 150 missions, players will begin perfecting their swordsmanship, survive through various hazards and meet new characters.
Play as one of the seven characters, including the samurai, ninja and more, each with their own unique Ink mode abilities, in order to defeat the endless enemies in battle.

-Endless fast paced samurai slashing action
-Easy to learn, hard to master swipe system
-Land perfect strikes with precise timing and slash direction
-7 playable characters with unique abilities
-Minimalist Japanese ink brush painting style
-150 challenging missions
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