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History Shingen in Command: The Kai Takeda 1549-1558

Shingen in Command: The Kai Takeda 1549-1558 (Saga of the Samurai)

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Takeda Shingen's history, which began in Saga of the Samurai: Takeda Shingen, continues in Saga of the Samurai: Shingen in Command. The military exploits of one of the most famous Takeda clan leaders begins in 1549 and continues in this volume through 1558. This volume also explores the history behind and the battles of his war with Uesugi Kenshin from Kasugayama Castle in Echigo, a war that started in 1553 and would last eleven long years. The clashes between these powerful samurai lords took place on the wide Kawanakajima plain, in the northern part of Shinano, and made extensive use of the renowned Takeda cavalry. This book also details the long battle for Shinano, which finally falls to the Takeda both on the battlefield and in the political arena. Appendices in this volume include short biographies of notable personalities from Shingen's era, an essay on the administration of the Chikuma District, extensive information on samurai cavalry and their horses, and a detailed description of the samurai medical unit and onsen (hot springs). Containing 10 colour plates, maps of the region, black and white illustrations, and photographs from the author's collection, Saga of the Samurai 4: Shingen in Command continues the engaging history of one of Japan's most famous samurai clans.

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Terje Solum
Brookhurst Press
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USD 20,00

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