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Satori Reader

Satori Reader provides Japanese reading and listening practice at just the right level.

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Satori Reader is a website made to assist people learn Japanese. The site's main function is to provide readings in Japanese that range from dialogues and short stories, to news articles. Each reading is entirely English annotated and voiced. By clicking on a single word, the annotations attached to the word will be displayed. These can include things like definition, sentence form, and any other information that we think will create value for the reader. Certain parts of the reading will be underlined, which will have an additional annotation that gives supplemental information to help readers understand exactly what is going on in the sentence. Also, when viewing the annotation, it is possible to add the word to their study list which they can access on the review page. The study list uses a spaced repetition system and it is possible export your study list to third party applications.

Articles can also be adjusted to match the reader's level. When accessing an article, there will be a toolbar on the right that will allow a reader to change the level of the article (if it has a different level), how much kanji to displays, how much furigana to display, and whether or not to add spaces between words. These settings can also be changed in the preferences page. Spaced repetition settings, discussion settings, and communication settings can also be adjusted there. There is also a status and feedback toolbar beneath that, which will allow a reader to mark whether an article is unread, started, or completed. They can also vote on whether they liked the content of the article and the level of difficulty they believed the article to be. If a user wants to share more, there is also a discussion board that they can access. At the user's dashboard, the user can see what articles they've started, bookmarked, favorited, and articles that have been recently released.

The creator of the website is Brian Rak, the same person behind Human Japanese. Which is also an application to help people learn Japanese. Satori Reader does include supplemental articles for users who have the app. Based in Seattle, the goal of the company is to making great Japanese learning resources.


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